Kim Kardashian And Bella Hadid Wear Menswear Best At Dior’s

Gender is a construct but red carpets are very real. That’s the lesson from today’s Dior Men show in Miami, where Kim Jones showed a range of surf-waxed suiting ostensibly for men… but also (and maybe more so?) for Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and more women who took the runway clothes and leveled-up their own designer dress […]Read More

Selena Gomez, Naomi Campbell, And Pretty Much Every Celebrity Loves

Kaia Gerber, Selena Gomez, and Naomi Campbell are all sources of fashion inspiration. [Side note: Kaia Gerber has no business dressing so well for an eighteen-year-old. At that age, especially if you grew up in the 2000s, we all struggled though low-slung belts and statement necklaces like sad extras on Gossip Girl. End rant.] And lately, there has been a […]Read More

18 Holiday Party Outfits That Will Make You Excited To

Whether you’re puttering around grandma’s house, stunting on your friends at NYE, or tagging along with your S.O. to their stuffy office party, we got you covered. Click through for 18 ways to rethink your holiday wardrobe for every occasion. VIEW GALLERY18 PHOTOS COURTESY Glacial Daylight Cashmere Cardigan $3,375.00 SHOP NOW Because you don’t do […]Read More

Fendi’s New Scented Bag Conjures Childhood Memories

“Cabbage Patch Kids. Like, their heads.” “This opera house I went to in Venice???” “But like the BABY Cabbage Patch Kids.” “Powdered donuts.” “When I did a fitting at a couture atelier in Paris. The dressing room there.” “Strawberry wine!” Behold the group chat of several fashion editors, all trying to pin down the smell […]Read More

Why Won’t The Padded Headband Die?

We tend to look at fashion through rose-colored, obnoxiously tiny sunglasses. The proliferation of influencers, paired with the addictiveness of scrolling topped off by the intoxicating immediacy of fast fashion means we consume trends faster than ever. We participate before common sense kicks in. We line up to buy questionable it-sneakers, fawn over impractical bags, and […]Read More

A Tall Girl’s Guide To Cozy Weather Shopping

As a Tall Girl™, I struggle firsthand when shopping for denim that extends past my ankles, or sweaters that cover my wrists. Dressing for summer is feasible, but cold weather present stylistic, shall we say, shortcomings, for taller women. The U.S. Department of Health determined that the average height for an American woman is 5’4”, and many of […]Read More

30 Gifts For The BFF Who DMs You The Best

She DMs the best memes before they hit mainstream, introduced you to White Claw, and was there on nights you’ll never forget (although sometimes you wish you could). In short: Your girl is your best friend and she deserves the best gift. Whether she lives that plant mom life or is interested in plants more… relaxing, […]Read More

UGG Slippers Are The Best Slippers, Period The End

Ties, Starbucks gift cards, and holiday-themed pajamas you can wear for approximately two days of the year are gifts that fall into a category of presents that are just…fine. What they lack in personality they make up for in ubiquity. This grouping of items are relatively harmless. They’re things you can throw at a cousin […]Read More

How To React When Someone Who Ghosted You Messages You

What do you do if the ghost returns? By Brittany Christopoulos One of the most amazing feelings in the world is when someone who ghosted you comes back into your life. It’s so satisfying, because you know you gave the relationship your all, so they knew they were missing something great after it ended. Sure, your heart […]Read More

This Simple Test Will Reveal If Your Relationship Is Healthy

Answering these questions will tell you everything you need to know. By Dr. Ava Cadell Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a long time or you just started dating someone new, we all face times when we feel the need to step back and evaluate our love life. Sometimes, a partner looks great “on paper” at first, […]Read More